Exit Spreadsheets - Enter Kjerner

01 Jun 2018

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At a large concern in the metal sector, the supply chain to one of their larger customers ran over three links, each with its own ERP software. For delivery to the customer, three orders per delivery were therefore required. Internally, the order was also cut up in a number of work orders.

With the help of spreadsheets, each department kept an eye on its stocks and calculated how much would be ordered at the next link. The stock was high, the delivery reliability was low.

Goodbye spreadsheets

After a design period of 3 months, based on the knowledge in the spreadsheets and their users, a solution could be set up that provided a daily overview of each link which corrections in orders had to be made. It also became clear for each processing step what the effect would be of a delay. Delivery reliability went up to 99%, the last percent was well consulted with the customer and the stock had been halved in the meantime!

I was only busy with spreadsheets and nobody was satisfied. Now I’m working on solving the last few, really difficult issues and really reap appreciation from the customer. A user