Exit Black Box, Enter Kjerner

01 Jul 2018

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A medium sized company in metal processing wanted to measure its processes through statistical process control. They had the knowledge for this, as well as specialized software. They wanted to see this software integrated in their control panels along the production line. In addition, operators were expected to understand what they were measuring and when to adjust.

This integrated, specialist software was not available on the market. And for auditing it was necessary for the software to be extensively tested on the correct use of the formulas. A so-called black box test was carried out with a large amount of datasets from actual production. Huge costs, huge time investment.

Goodbye black box

After a period of three months, with the available knowledge an implementation of statistical process control has been made as applicable to the products in the relevant factory. This could be placed as a module within the Visual Factory product. The audit did not include a black box test, but the source code was submitted. This applied to one page A4 and contained mainly the formulas that were used. It was immediately clear to all parties how the software worked and whether this met the standards.

Previously I thought that computer code as an audit tool was unsuitable, because only experts can read these programs. What I saw here was just plain language as usual in my field. Actually, software parties for auditing should be obliged to express their software in such language. Auditor