Kjerner has a completely new approach to building software solutions. To see it is to believe it, and we can show you amazing things in only a few hours. We use the Alan platform. We took over development of the Alan platform from M-industries since the beginning of 2019.

Kjerner and M-industries have been working since 2011 with a relatively small development team of 10 to 15 people on our consultancy, software and platform at the same time. We kept the team small and tightly-nit to be able to stay agile and develop a platform that is innovative from the ground up. Going as far as developing our own parser and database technology on Alan as well, which made it possible to speed up our internal development by multiple factors. “Work smarter, not harder” and “Less is More” are two important mottos we work and live by.

Customer focused from the start

We started out with some large customers very early on and have focused on making and keeping them happy since the start. They have repayed us by giving us the responsibility of supporting some of their crucial business processes and providing us with valuable feedback and the funding to develop Alan with a long-term view.

Partnership with OGD

Logo OGD We have partnered with OGD to make Alan available to as many companies and people as possible, as fast as possible. With 1200 employees and a wide range of IT services delivered, OGD has the size, organisation and wide expertise that fits perfectly with our innovative approach to software. Together, we can provide a solid basis of technical innovation, expertise, manpower and organisation. This makes it possible for you to depend on us for your strategic, large and long-term needs.


We spent 15 years researching a new way of building software, not through programming but completely driven by data models. The software M-industries and Kjerner came up with is different.

We call our programming language and technology “Alan”

In Alan the data-model drives everything. The unique modeling language allows you to write a model that generates both a database design and a user interface.

This method is fast and iterates fast, like creating something in Excel would. However, Alan ensures data accuracy and consistency and scales up to enterprise level.


The Alan project has its own website, with more details about the language and the systems that it supports.

Go to the Alan micro-site to learn more.