Our customers, some of them leaders in their field, have given us the responsibility of supporting some of their crucial business processes. In turn they provide us with invaluable feedback to develop Alan.


Logo Hydro For Hydro, we built and delivered a new ERP and MES (Visual Factory) solution for several of their plants, including their biggest extrusion plant in Europe. It has been running, extended and improved since 2011 and has lead to a multitude of quantifiable improvements to their business results, like: improving resource efficiency, showing detailed product profitability and improved on-time delivery.


Logo Axa For AXA, we implemented Visual Factory at their production facility, improving machine efficiency by supporting order planning and tracking and problem registration and resolution. Our MES solution was implemented with our provided hardware and connected to a custom ERP system.


Logo Tata For Tata, we created a supply chain solution to improve on-time delivery and stock efficiency. We built this within a few months and got both of these KPI’s close to their theoretical limits. The project received a ‘Recognition of excellence’ award by the CEO.


Logo Apenheul For the Apenheul, we created a solution to improve efficiency of their food supply operation, in cooperation with OGD. We built this within a few weeks and were able to integrate all customer wishes, while making use of the generated GUI to provide access to all parties involved.

Natural Bulbs

Logo Natural Bulbs For Naturalbulbs, we provided our standard supply chain tooling with specific legal elements for the bio-agriculture business and connected this to their Prestashop webshop. Workflow was very important to this customer and we managed to follow their needs without adding unnecessary complexity or using separate workflow software.