We spent 15 years researching a new way of building software, not through programming but completely driven by data models. The software M-industries and Kjerner came up with is different.

We call our programming language and technology “Alan”

In Alan the data-model drives everything. The unique modeling language allows you to write a model that generates both a database design and a user interface.

This method is fast and iterates fast, like creating something in Excel would. However, Alan ensures data accuracy and consistency and scales up to enterprise level.


The Alan project has its own website, with more details about the language and the systems that it supports.

Go to the Alan micro-site to learn more.

Learn how it’s done

Want to know how to create an entire CRM solution in an afternoon? Have some Excel sheets you’d like to see disappear?

Request a demo and see with your own eyes how we create easy to use programs without programmers. You’ll be able to read and understand how we do it too, so you can get your hands dirty in no time.