Using our platform, we have already built two products: an ERP system, targeted at scale-ups and Visual Factory, a manufacturing execution system (MES) for production shopfloors.

The ERP system built for scale-ups

We offer a unique ERP system, capable of fully supporting scale-ups during their way up.

As a business aiming to scale up, getting your core business processes fully supported by software is essential. If you scale up without this, you will make your business unmanageable - which is very hard to revert.

With a solution using our ERP product, you will have the possibility to:

Get all of your business processes, including finances, projects and products, sales, inventory and purchases fully supported, so you can focus on improving your business. Have us demonstrate you how we do that by contacting us at

ERP Next

Streamline all production processes to reduce waste

“We are able to get more from our resources than we thought was possible. And we are just getting started.”Frank Iepema
Managing Director Hydro Hungary

All the information you need to make decisions and improve OEE, based on accurate and up to date data. Live charts and reports means you can get updates when you need them.

Visual Factory has been developed over the last six years. The enabling platform has been under development for over a decade already and powers several applications beyond Visual Factory. The underlying foundations have been researched extensively in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology.


Goals & Benefits

The main goal of Visual Factory is streamlining processes by having a feedback loop from gathering data to real-time responses, issue analysis and better planning and cost estimation.

Streamlined processes deliver better results, starting the feedback loop again, but from a better starting point.

Why choose Visual Factory