Getting to the core of what you do

Have a look at your current business and see how you would make the digital transformation.
Without buggy custom software, fragile excel sheets, error prone manual data entry or expensive, inflexible legacy software. Just everything you need, when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Enterprise-ready software

We use proven technology. Software built on the Alan platform is already supporting the daily operations of companies throughout Europe.

Made lightning fast

The alan platform allows us to write software at lightning speed. You can use your software while prototyping and gain insights to make it smarter.

Ready to use

When the design session is over, your software is ready to use. Only when you decide to start using it, you will start paying for it.

Our Way of Working

We start with a free prototyping session, during which we model the core of your business process and see working software at the same time. If you like what you see, we can plan a design session of a week to get to the details.

The result of such a session will be a Kjerner system fitting your business like a glove. After your approval, we will deploy it and make sure it stays running.

Go ahead and do away with fragile excel sheets
and expensive, inflexible legacy software!


A prototyping session can take up from a few hours to a full day, depending on the complexity of your domain. During the prototyping session you will see the core of your business process clearly, in a working prototype, multiple times during the session. By the end of the session you will know what is possible and be eager to finish what we started. We will plan a design session as soon as possible.

Design Session

During the design session of a week we will get to the parts we had to skip during the prototyping session. We will focus on getting all relevant parts in your kjerner system and making sure we solve the problems you would like to see solved. Domain experts will need to be available for a few sessions during the week and available for questions most of the time. After a week, we will have valuable software that fits your needs perfectly, ready for deployment in the cloud or on-premise. If you need more, we can schedule a new design session right away - this will only happen for more complex domains.

Environment / Connections and Migrations

Connections to your running sofware you want to keep and migrations from the legacy systems you would like to stop using are a common need. We are experienced in rapidly creating a connection to legacy software. Think days or weeks, depending on the complexity.

We can plan one or more sessions right after or in parallel to the first design session to have them at go live, or plan to do them later on as well. Your Kjerner system stays flexible and can be changed and extended at any time.

Up and Running

When you are satisfied with the results and want to start using your new software, you can go right ahead. You can provide your own on-premise virtual server for us to use or have us start a cloud service for you. You will pay a monthly or yearly fee to cover license, maintenance and hosting costs. Multiple plans available.

Regular Snapshots

Get together with us on a regular basis and take a snapshot of your current needs and how well they match with a picture of the systems you have running. When the pictures do not correspond, let us fix it with precision and speed, without lead time, risks nor high costs.

Customer Portfolio

Here you can see some of the customers we have worked for.

Cases and Presentations

Here you can find some of our customer cases and presentations with details about the way we work and the tools we use.

Exit spreadsheets - Enter Kjerner

  • July 1st, 2018

At a large concern in the metal sector, the supply chain to one of their larger customers ran over three links, each with its own ERP software. For delivery to the customer, three orders per delivery were therefore required. Internally, the order was also cut up in a number of work orders. With the help of spreadsheets, each department kept an eye on its stocks and calculated how much would be ordered at the next link. The stock was high, the delivery reliability was low.

Exit spreadsheets - Enter Kjerner

After a design period of 3 months, based on the knowledge in the spreadsheets and their users, a solution could be set up that provided a daily overview of each link which corrections in orders had to be made. It also became clear for each processing step what the effect would be of a delay. Delivery reliability went up to 99%, the last percent was well consulted with the customer and the stock had been halved in the meantime!

A user: I was only busy with spreadsheets and nobody was satisfied. Now I'm working on solving the last few, really difficult issues and really reap appreciation from the customer.

Exit black box - Enter Kjerner

  • June 1st, 2018

A medium sized company in metal processing wanted to measure its processes through statistical process control. They had the knowledge for this, as well as specialized software. They wanted to see this software integrated in their control panels along the production line. In addition, operators were expected to understand what they were measuring and when to adjust. This integrated, specialist software was not available on the market. And for auditing it was necessary for the software to be extensively tested on the correct use of the formulas. A so-called black box test was carried out with a large amount of datasets from actual production. Huge costs, huge time investment.

Exit black box - Enter Kjerner

After a period of three months, with the available knowledge an implementation of statistical process control has been made as applicable to the products in the relevant factory. This could be placed as a module within the Visual Factory product. The audit did not include a black box test, but the source code was submitted. This applied to one page A4 and contained mainly the formulas that were used. It was immediately clear to all parties how the software worked and whether this met the standards.

Auditor: Previously I thought that computer code as an audit tool was unsuitable, because only experts can read these programs. What I saw here was just plain language as usual in my field. Actually, software parties for auditing should be obliged to express their software in such language.

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